This Just In: Seiko SKXA35 Automatic Diver

I’ve been a fan of Seiko automatic divers’ watches since glaring at them in display cases in the early 80s. Over the last 15 years I’ve probably had four (one an orange monster).

[ note how the official Seiko site claims the skxa35 has a six month power reserve, that would be one heck of a spring :-) ]

Maybe 10 years ago I bought a gently used Seiko SKX-173 that I wear several days/week and still love. But for just as long I’ve had my eye on what is essentially the same watch but with a yellow dial, the SKXA35. This week I saw a used one for sale and grabbed it. Only took a couple sorry iPhone pics so far. So here are some pics from the seller (thanks, Mark).

It’s on the jubilee bracelet now. I might grab an Isofrane or Seiko rubber strap.

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