Outrage of The Day: Organic Yogurt Edition

There are first-world problems, and then there’s this. The horror of having to choke down non-organic yogurt. (pic via NY Daily News / Heidi Moore)


Chelsea restaurant apologizes for organic frozen yogurt shortage  – NY Daily News: “A store in Chelsea raised a few chuckles from patrons due to a sign it placed in the dairy aisle, informing customers of problems with its organic frozen yogurt supplier. ‘Due to our recent shortage, our yogurt is temporarily not organic. Thank you for your understanding,’ the note read at the ’wichcraft restaurant at the Chelsea Piers in Manhattan on Monday night. Heidi Moore took the picture at the business and found it amusing the store knows its clientele so well.”

  • Harry

    I have to confess that I do not know the rules for “organic” dairy products, but I expect they are silly, as in the cows have to eat corn grown without 10-20-20 fertilizer or in a field untouched with herbicide to suppress weeds, in other words, corn grown by hippie hobby farmers.

    Whatever the rules, I would be more concerned about the herd health and sanitary milking standards of the hippie dairyman than I would be about the ethical pedigree of the corn silage. All I would care about is that the person milking the cow not shoot pus from a hot quarter into the bucket and introduce a big load of bacteria. That milk will not make good organic yogurt, but it will be organic.

    And as long as we are talking about organic things, we are talking about carbon, which is an element that, according to an overwhelming majority of atmospheric scientists, is toxic. Ergo, they should not eat anything organic, even broccoli or carrots.

    • http://pretenseofknowledge.com/ speedmaster

      LOL! :)