Two Amazing Nutella Stats

This stuff is amazingly good.

The two stats? 25% and 70%.

A frost in Turkey may drive up the price of your Nutella – Quartz: “The founder of the Ferrero candy company first put hazelnuts and cocoa together during World War II, when chocolate was rationed and too expensive for most. Pietro Ferrero, so the company’s story goes, figured out how to produce an affordable chocolate-y confection by blending just a little cocoa with a lot of hazelnuts. This is how Nutella, now a world-renown nutty spread, came to be. The Ferrero Group is now the world’s top buyer of hazelnuts, accounting for 25% of global supply. About 70% of the world’s hazelnuts are grown in Turkey, where a severe frost earlier this year damaged the country’s hazelnut crops. As a result, hazelnut prices are higher than they’ve been in ten years, reports the Financial Times.”

  • Harry

    You are a fountain of nut information, Speedmaster.

    Forget about the weather affecting the hazelnut harvest in Turkey. ISIS is going to kill all the Turkish hazelnut farmers and eat all the goats. God willing, of course, God Willing, etc., etc.

    Have a nice weekend SM.