It’s Not Only Comcast That’s Too Big

This story is a gem. Remember the hullabaloo last month over the Comcast call? The Atlantic is convinced that the problem is that Comcast is simply too big.

What’s Wrong With Comcast? – The Atlantic: “At the most basic level, Comcast’s problem seems to be its size: Comcast has grown piecemeal, acquisition by acquisition, and that means that its product, services, pricing, and systems vary greatly region to region. Today it has 83,000 employees operating in some 80 different markets.

None of this, to say the least, provides much reason to feel optimistic for consumers should Comcast’s Time Warner acquisition succeed. Problems that stem from size tend not to improve with growth.”

Now I don’t necessarily disagree with them. But you know what is much much larger and has much more power? I wonder if the Atlantic feels the same way about that.

Note how many federal employees there are. And how many rules and regulations they have for us.

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