Politics As A Trailing Indicator

My daughter and I discuss this once in a while. We seem to be preoccupied with gaining political power to change minds. But that might have things in reverse. Politics are really a trailing indicator of culture.

Stopping the Spread of Communism: “This notion is mistaken. Communism is an idea, and ideas cannot be stopped with bullets or bombs or tanks or torture devices. Nor can ideas be spread by such means.

In fact, though, communism becomes the policy of a society insofar, and only insofar, as the bulk of people in that society believe that communism is either desirable or at least unobjectionable. Likewise capitalism. Likewise Roman Catholicism. Likewise Buddhism. Likewise atheism. Trying to stop the spread of communism with an army and navy is as senseless an endeavor as using such means to try to stop the spread of vegetarianism. You can arrest, imprison, and execute some current peddlers of the doctrine, as well as current leaders who play prominent roles in supplying the manifestations of the doctrine. But the only way to stop the idea is to kill the idea – and killing or forcibly silencing people who currently hold the idea is not at all the same as killing the idea itself.”