Some Quick Econ Videos

These are excellent. Brief and clear.

Trade is important. Markets matter. Buy-local is foolish and backward.

Ep. 1 of 5 – The Hockey Stick of Human Prosperity – YouTube
Ep. 2 of 5 – Division of Labor: Burgers and Ships – YouTube
Ep. 3 of 5 – How the Division of Knowledge Saved My Son’s Life – YouTube
Ep. 4 of 5 – Comparative Advantage and the Tragedy of Tasmania – YouTube

  • Harry

    Thanks for the great post, Speedmaster. Dr. Boudreaux puts forth wisdom.

    I was about to say this is elementary economics — everybody knows this, right? Then I thought about what would happen if you dropped this series in as a short subject during the Cannes or Sundance film festival before the next Michael Moore film. Would there be a big exit to the vomitorium? Would it be the fish or the bananas that did the trick?