Colleges and Cruise Ships

We’ve visited quite a few colleges in the last two years. Most of them now seem like a 4-year stay on a parked cruise ship. Unbelievably, and certainly unnecessarily, opulent. Most of the opulence seems to have little to do with actual education.

When you walk through many of the cafeterias you might think you were on a cruise ship if you didn’t know better.

Just What Indebted Students Needed: Hideously Expensive Luxury Dorms – “Campus living for students today is a far cry from the cramped dormitories of generations past. New facilities are geared to handle laptops, smartphones and tablets and offer Wi-Fi connectivity and extra room outlets. Suites housing two or more people — with a shared bathroom instead of communal ones — are also popular, and some of the new halls feature computer labs, study centers, cafes and even a gaming room.

Fifty-two new residence halls at private and public schools to house 19,000 students opened last year or will open this year around the U.S., with a price tag of more than $2 billion, according to Paul Abramson, an analyst with New York-based Intelligence in Education who tracks college construction. Overall, the number of new residence hall construction is up from 40 that Abramson counted a year ago for his annual May survey.”