Quick Review: Overcast: Podcast Player for iPhone

I listen to a bunch of podcasts every week. My usual routine is to download them as .MP3s and listen via Windows Media Player while I work. It’s mildly tedious (okay, more than mildly) but works and is consistent.

[The latest episode of ATP has a good discussion of the app]

I tried a few podcast apps a several years ago but gave up on all them. Too tough on battery, too many settings, missing a feature I wanted, etc. … I never found one that worked the way I really wanted. That’s how I ended up at the above routine. Overcast just convinced me to give this another try. It’s simple and powerful. The useful features I want with no fluff or busy eye-candy.

[Read the FAQ]

It didn’t take me long to subscribe to all of my usual podcasts, and I used the recommendations to add a few more.

[Overcast is on Twitter]

If you’re a heavy podcast listener and iPhone user, definitely check this out. The Smart Speed and Voice Boost features are fantastic. I love the idea that I’m getting through some of these bit faster. The extra time is allowing me to consume a bit more content each day.

My fav. features:
– Smart Speed
– the associated Web app/site
– promised good battery life (waiting to see, but hopeful)
– setting customizable at the podcast level
– Recommendations

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The app:
Overcast: Podcast Player on the App Store on iTunes