It’s not à la carte menu, Comcast edition

I’m sure that by now you’ve seen this story floating around, about the guy who can’t get Comcast to cancel his service.

This is a solid point.

Here’s why your Comcast rep is yelling at you – The Verge: “It’d be nice to think that Comcast will change its policies so that reps are actually encouraged to do what’s best for the customer. Unfortunately, massive companies that don’t face much competition tend to treat their customers poorly and their employees worse — which is why Block’s call is the perfect argument against Comcast’s looming merger with Time Warner Cable.”

But I wonder how many people who nod their heads in agreement with the above statement, completely fail to see the same problem at least an order of magnitude worse in scale, with government schools, healthcare, mail delivery, DMV, retirement (Social Security), etc.?

Glad to see Dr. Munger has already posted on it.