Theater Hummus and Reclining Seats

I love this story about the new reclining seats in some movie theaters. I’ve been to one of these theaters twice and it’s a game changer, not hype. The movie experience is much more enjoyable. I would never have guessed that removing 50%+ of the seating capacity could have been a winning idea. I was wrong.

But one thing I still feel right about. Movie theater food. On our way in to see 22 Jump Street over the weekend I noticed that the menu offerings included “Gourmet Pretzels” and “Gourmet Pizza.” Does that word even mean anything anymore? Has it become just an indicator for the baseline of edible food?

And the best part?

You can now get hummus and crackers in the theater: “Each of the four GoPicnic meals Regal will offer are gluten-free, with 400 calories or less, and no artificial colors or flavors, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup, or added MSG.

Hummus & Crackers (All-Natural, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Kosher): A balanced meal featuring Wild Garden Hummus Dip, Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers, Sweet Perry Orchards™ Baja Blend™ Fruit & Nut Mix, Sweet Perry Orchards™ Power Play™ Tasty Seed Blend, and a Professor Zim Zam’s Extraordinary Sweets™ Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt.”

But the seats are a winner.

Now at the Movies: Fully Reclining Seats – WSJ: “AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. AMC -2.27% has a new strategy to fill more seats: take a bunch of them out. The nation’s second-largest movie theater chain is spending hundreds of millions of dollars outfitting a number of theaters with La-Z-Boy-type seats that fully recline—a conversion that removes up to two-thirds of a given auditorium’s seating capacity. It’s a less-is-more approach to a business that has long thought bigger was better.

Attendance in renovated AMC auditoriums has leapt 80%, on average, despite the drastic reduction in capacity to sometimes fewer than 70 seats.

Box-office revenue was up more than 60% at the 37 AMC theaters that had been fully reseated in the first quarter of this year, said Mr. Lopez.”