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Great column on public-choice in action.

Problems with collective action: Column: “It would be nice to believe that this sort of problem is limited to the VA, but there’s no particular reason to think that it is. The problem with the VA is that, like every other government agency — and every other human institution — it’s not a machine that runs itself. It’s a collection of people. And people tend to act in their own self interest. Left to their own devices, people will tend to make choices that produce a more comfortable life for them, and that produce a higher paycheck.

This being the case, changing personnel at the top won’t make a difference for long. People will quickly revert to their own interests. If you want to get better service out of people, then you need to make it in their interest to provide it.”

Rogue unregulated libraries.

Rogue library runs afoul of Leawood authorities; free book operation ordered destroyed: “Over the last year or so, Little Free Libraries have been sprouting up across the Kansas City metro. The idea is pretty simple: You construct a birdhouse-like box, paint it up, put it in your yard, and fill it with some books. Anybody who passes by is free to take a book, swap a book, or add a new book to the little library. It’s an informal thing that’s meant to promote literacy and community in a cute, friendly way.”

Can you imagine the congressional outrage and inquisitions if airlines raised their fees by over 100%?!

TSA Security Fee On Airfare Set To Increase: “WASHINGTON (AP) — Airline passengers are about to pay more for security screening. Following orders from Congress, the Transportation Security Administration is poised to raise the fee to $5.60 each way. That’s up from $2.50 each way for a nonstop flight and $5 for a trip including connections. Trips with long stopovers will have bigger increases — each leg will trigger a new fee.”

And trains? We got trains:
A Train Wreck You Can’t Look Away From

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