Quick Book Review: Bourbon by Dane Huckelbridge

This one was a quick fun read (author’s site), with some history mixed in. There’s also a good deal of unintended economics.

Bourbon: A History of the American Spirit by Dane Huckelbridge

Some items from the book.

1. Ramon Llull from Spain p. 5
2. The possible birth of bourbon 1620. p. 22
3. Pappy Van Winkle gets its first mention p. 44
4. A 1979 episode of Family Feud had the real Hatfields and McCoys p. 48

5. Why does bourbon require charred barrels?
6. The lure of whiskey & bacon, even then. p. 65
7. So that’s why so much of the stuff ended up in New Orleans. p 67
8. Tartar emetic p. 76

9. Cigarettes p. 119
10. Even the crazy straw gets a mention p. 126
11. Regulatory capture p. 129
12. With bottling, markets were used to solve a market failure/problem p. 138

13. Names for rotgut? They include, but are not limited to:
tanglefoot, skull varnish, tarantula juice, and snake water. p. 154

14. The Deadman’s Hand p. 171
15. That’s where we get the term The Real McCoy p. 186
16. A Southern Black Forest p. 194
17. Mississippi didn’t repeal prohibition until 1966?! p. 230

18. Noah Soggy’s speech pp 230-231
19. What makes it bourbon? p. 238
20. J.Crew has us dressing like “depression-era stevedores” p. 257