The Minimum-Wage For Volunteering is $0.00

Fantastic points in this column. Definitely worth reading.

A Modest Proposal to Ban Volunteering – “But if we are serious about addressing economic inequality and restoring social justice, then a minimum wage increase should be just the start. We also need to outlaw volunteering.

The corporate media have brainwashed Americans into thinking that volunteerism is a good thing. Maybe people wouldn’t think like that if we called it what it really is: working for nothing. Sixty million U.S. suckers put in nearly 8 billion hours last year doing this so-called “service work” for deep-pocketed churches, civic groups, PTAs, Little Leagues and animal shelters. Why should those fat cats get rich off the backs of the toiling and exploited masses?

You know what else we need to outlaw? Community-service requirements. Lots of high schools have them, on the theory that they teach “character” and “civic responsibility” and similar capitalist propaganda. By that logic, letting a teenager flip burgers at McDonald’s for three bucks an hour would teach him important skills like “responsibility” and “punctuality.” So what?

Look, it’s really simple. If people aren’t allowed to work for $7.24 an hour, even if they want to, then they darn well shouldn’t be allowed to work for $0 an hour either.”