That’s A Lot Of Recalls

Seems like there have been a lot of these from GM lately. A cynic might wonder if they were told or pressured to sit on them until after the Feds had cashed out, for both money and PR reasons?

Update: GM Has Recalled More Cars Than It Sold In Five Years

Yet more GM recalls for Malibu, Traverse, Escalade, Silverado and others – Yahoo Autos: “General Motors doesn’t release a recall every day, but you could be forgiven for thinking it does.

Less than a week after issuing four recalls for 2.7 million vehicles, the nation’s largest automaker today announced an additional four recalls covering 2.4 million cars, pickups and SUVs. While none of the safety problems GM revealed today have been linked to deaths, a few are serious enough for GM to tell dealers they can’t sell the models until fixed and, in one instance, informed owners to not let passengers ride in the front seat.

Last week, GM admitted it had broken federal law on vehicle recalls, agreeing to pay a $35 million fine to federal auto safety regulators and allow them broad oversight of the company’s practices for the next year. So far in 2014, GM has said it needs to fix nearly 14 million vehicles, and given how frequently it’s discovering problems, that total seems poised to rise further.”