They Care About Pleasing Customers …

So I guess it’s the opposite of the DMV or post office? It’s amazing what difference a little incentive and competition can do.

How Convenient: In Taiwan, the 24/7 Store Does It All:”TAIPEI—Yata Wang visits a convenience store each day for breakfast. He returns after lunch for some sweets. Then afternoon tea. Then a late-night snack. ‘Convenience stores are like braised pork rice,’ said Mr. Wang, a Taipei art vendor. ‘They are everywhere in Taiwan but you still keep longing for their flavor.’

Such ardent, high-frequency patronage is the norm here—and no wonder. Taiwan’s convenience stores are some of the most convenient in the world.

Beyond the staple snacks, they provide a ballooning array of services including dry cleaning, train and concert ticket reservations, traffic fine and utility payment, hot sit-down meals, mail drop-off and book pickup. They also deliver everything from refrigerators to multicourse banquets that feature fatty pork stacked in a pile, half a dozen varieties of chicken feet and a nearly 8-pound suckling pig that rotates on a battery-powered spit.”