I Worry The iPhone/iOS Has Lost Its Edge

Up until maybe last summer I would have argued that iOS was much better than Android in nearly every way. But in the last two revision Android has made up a ton of ground. It’s nearly as good in a lot of ways, imho, and has arguably surpassed iOS in a few others.

As an admitted Apple lover it’s hard for me to admit this but I think this column make a great deal of sense. I really hope Apple gets going on this stuff.

I am jealous of Google Now and larger screens on Android phones.

This single screenshot shows why iOS is years behind Android in usability: “Take a look at the screenshot above. What do you see? What you see is information and control. This is the home screen on my Galaxy S4. I’ve been tweaking it on and off over the past year, until I got it to be exactly the way I want it.

What you’re looking at is a combination of widgets and icons. The iPhone doesn’t have widgets. The iPhone presents simply page after page of icons. Even worse, you can’t scale the icons, so if you happen to be over 40, you’re forced to squint at your home screen to get anything done. It’s even worse for those damnable folders, with their incredibly teensy icons — and you can’t even set a folder icon.

When it comes to home screen flexibility, the iPhone is even less flexible than the Palm handhelds were back in the 1990s. By comparison, the iPhone is positively regressive.”