You’re Just Moving It Outside

I’ve wondered about this for a long time. Air-conditioners don’t really make things cooler, I think they just pump the heat elsewhere, ideally, outside. That’s why you can’t have a standalone AC unit sitting in the middle of a room.

This Is How Much Hotter Nights in Phoenix Are Because of A/C – Smithsonian: “According to the new study, led by Arizona State University’s Francisco Salamanca, the heat output from all those buzzing air conditioners was highest during the day. But, compared to the blistering heat from the sun, it didn’t make an appreciable difference.

At night, though, was another story. It can be hard to sleep in the heat, and many people keep the A/C running all night. Waste heat from all those air conditioners caused a noticeable amount of warming outside …”

  • Harry

    Two years ago, after having suffered from window air conditioners in my fieldstone house, I bit the bullet and found that I could do central air. It cost $5.000.

    A week ago, I tried to turn the system on, and the LCD in the thermostat was blank; it turned out it was a bad thermostat, made by slave labor in Mao’s China. I replaced it with a Honeywell thermostat, made in the free republic of Taiwan.

    I do know if you put a big air conditioning unit next to your recliner in the living room that you will have to get a drain and some ductwork to get rid of the hot air and water, and you will need headphones to listen to Fox Business News when your unit is running.