It Looks Like a CV Joint For Your Face

Amazing. Looks like the razor wars are back on, or maybe never stopped. Ever time I look at the ‘FlexBall’ design all I can see is a car’s constant-velocity joint. (pic via WSJ)


Gillette’s New Weapon in Razor Arms Race: “Shaving Giant Seeks to Revive Sales With ‘FlexBall’ Design.The FlexBall’s marketing material boasts that P&G spent years working on the handle to make sure that the razor head has “optimized stiffness” and “damping” so that just the right amount of force gets it to swivel and stop. Doing so, the company claims, means the blades miss 20% fewer hairs with each pass and that it can cut each whisker 23 microns shorter—about a quarter of the width of a strand of human hair.”