• Harry

    Urban sprawl is what the fans of Walther Ulbricht abhor — would that we live by the trolley and commute from our apartment in a square building with other workers, living simply and not producing deadly carbon dioxide.

    Having been an unelected member of my township’s planning commission, I got a year’s subscription to the state municipal magazine, where they had a cartoon section. There, sprawling, was a Gulliver giant, prostrate, representing the burden of urban sprawl lying at the mercy of the unreasonable citizenry, with a caption complaining of tireful criticism.

    I had always thought that having your own place with a yard to mow and a garden was a little piece of Heaven. You should have been there when I argued with the county planning commission people.

    • http://pretenseofknowledge.com/ speedmaster

      Hehe. :-)

  • Harry

    Speedmaster sprawls all over his seat at the rink, slobbering over his neighbors, dropping pieces of perogies in their laps when the Sabres make a goal, imitating fans of the Hamilton Bearcats.

    He, however, is a gentleman, providing us with clever links .