Some Great Ham Radio Sleuthing – Via Finland

Love this story, found it in the May 2014 QST Magazine.

Mystery signal from a helicopter: “Last night, YouTube suggested a video for me. It was a raw clip from a news helicopter filming a police chase in Kansas City, Missouri. I quickly noticed a weird interference in the audio, especially the left channel, and thought it must be caused by the chopper’s engine. I turned up the volume and realized it’s not interference at all, but a mysterious digital signal! And off we went again.

What could it be? Location telemetry from the helicopter? Information about the camera direction? Video timestamps?”

  • Harry

    Speedmaster is back!

    The other day I was accused of using BCNU as if I were a cheap texter, but every kid who was an aspiring radio ham knows BCNU is old stuff, as in CQDX, and the origins of Radio Shack.

    Interesting post, and may your Omega watch keep you on time for work.