Fantastical for iOS / iPhone, Quick Look

I’ve never really been much of a calendar user on the iPhone. Once I tried to get the family to all use a shared Google calendar but it never got any traction.

A couple weeks ago I read this column and decided to give it another shot. It was easier to setup this time. And we were all easily and quickly able to get our iPhones pointed to the shared calendar. First problem resolved.

Over the last year I’ve heard (on various podcasts) and read numerous glowing reviews of an iPhone calendar app called Fantastical. Technically now it’s Fantastical 2. I decided it was a worth a try. I definitely didn’t want an additional calendar to manage and sync. The app simply points to your existing calendars. Whatever the official iOS Calendar app sees and works with, Fantastical sees and works with as well. It’s been described as the app Apple should have shipped with iOS, and I agree. It’s fantastic(al). As of this writing it’s on the App Store for $2.99. It makes much better use of the screen space than the built-in Calendar app. There’s also some good natural language support I’m looking forward to but haven’t tried yet.

If you’re a heavy or even moderate iOS calendar user definitely check out Fantastical 2. Side note: the customer service seems pretty good. I emailed a question on Saturday and got a good response a few hours later. (see the official FAQ)

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