An Anti-Consumer Way to Begin 2014

Not good for consumers at all. A classic example of how entrenched business will use government to strong-arm any potential competition.

French Uber users face 15-minute delay starting next year:”To the surprise of virtually everyone in France, the government has just passed a law requiring car services like Uber to wait 15 minutes before picking up passengers. The bill is designed to help regular taxi drivers, who feel threatened by recently introduced companies like Uber, SnapCar and LeCab. Cabbies in the Gallic nation require formidable time and expense to get their permits and see the new services — which lack such onerous requirements — as direct competitors. The legislation managed to pass through parliament despite reservations from the French competition authority, which deemed it ill-thought-out.”

I see Mark J. Perry has also commented on it:
Who’d a-thunk it? A cartel doesn’t like competition…

And this recent gem from France:
BBC News – France’s 75% tax rate gains approval by top court

  • jonnygalt

    even if they could possibly enforce such ludicrous legislation, someone will come up with an app to back-time the requests by 15 minutes.

    • speedmaster

      Thanks, JG. I hope so.