Gouging – Why Were The Original Prices Acceptable / Correct?

Whenever I see someone complain about so-called “gouging,” (and not understanding that the new prices reflect an underlying economic relativity) I want to ask … If you were apparently okay with the previous price levels, what was it about them that made them acceptable at the time?

Uber Boss Says Surging Prices Rescue People From the Snow – Wired.com: “As the snow came down in New York City this past weekend, the price of a ride went up. At least if you took Uber — the mobile app that lets customers instantly hail a ride in some of the world’s biggest cities. The company uses ‘surge pricing,’ raising fares during times of peak demand or short supply, in an effort to lure more drivers onto the roads. Over the weekend, that meant rates that tripled during the snowstorm — just when New Yorkers felt most in need of a quick ride. That led to an outpouring of bitter complaints of price-gouging on Twitter, but the company’s outspoken co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick remains unbowed.”