A Few Random Morning Links …

Just ordered: A Grand Complication By Stacy Perman (a review)

This is insanity: Apple Hit with ‘Planned Obsolescence’ Lawsuit in Brazil over Fourth-Generation iPad

R.I.P. Ray Cusick, the designer who helped make the Daleks terrifying

To Contagions, This Pen Is Deadlier Than the Sword – WSJ.com

The 30 Best Places To Be If You Love Books

And it’s always funny to me that the people who go on the most about sustainability in other areas seem the least concerned about sustainability when it comes to things like government and spending.”

Gourmet Pens: Review: Ken Cavers Green Swirl Acrylic Cigar Fountain Pen

What’s Immoral for the Private Goose Is Moral for the Government Gander?

The $250 (Digital) Tourbillon, by Slyde

The Hollywood Tax Story They Won’t Tell at the Oscars – WSJ.com

Video – The Blue Blazer: How to Make America’s Original Flaming Cocktail – The Atlantic

Treasures From the Breguet Sponsored Exhibit, “Precision And Splendor: Clocks And Watches At The Frick Collection”

Dr. Boudreaux on the minimum-wage and unpaid internships

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen in Bordeaux – Handwritten Review – edjelley.com

Another amazing watch & pics –  Histoire de Tourbillon 4: the high speed tri-axial Tourbillon