Liberty & Govt At Work: Drones, Lew, Dialysis, and More!

Some gems today.

Dr. Roberts is on the case.

Bring on the savings! (But no hurry): The Medicare system is recalculating how much it will reimburse hospitals and clinics for the drugs used to treat dialysis patients after federal auditors found recently that the program could save as much as $880 million annually.

Why does Obama get a pass on this from the allegedly anti-war Left? (more)

The Names Behind the Collateral Damage -The Beacon: Drones Watch has compiled a list of the names of children killed in America’s drone bombings of Pakistan and Yemen.

For every bad guy killed, I guarantee more violent extremists are created. It doesn’t take much to push desperate people over the edge, but to motivate a previously peaceful person to engage in suicide violence, I can think of no better method than slaughtering their children by remote-controlled robots mockingly and menacingly swarming the night sky, as though from a deadly and futuristic alien race. How would Americans react if a foreign country was doing this to our own neighborhoods, regardless of the excuse?

Yeah, and this.

The Ominous U.S. Presence in Northwest Africa – The Future of Freedom Foundation: Exactly whom do the jihadists threaten in northern Mali? They threaten anyone who wishes to live free of extreme Sharia law, such as the nomadic Tuaregs in the north and the 90 percent of Malians in the south. Before the jihadists were routed by welcome French and Mali troops, they inflicted horrific violence in northern towns like Timbuktu. But are the jihadists a threat to Americans at home? It’s hard to see the case.

A little crony-capitalism to start the week. And why the guy’s signature and handwriting are a topic of interest is a mystery to me.

Ain’t That a Shame? Treasury Nominee Bagged Wall Street Bonus – MyGovCost: Jack Lew, chief operating officer at Citi Alternative Investments, a division of Citigroup, was certainly well taken care of, bagging a cash bonus of nearly $1 million on top of his $1.1 million salary. As Charles Grassley of the Senate Finance Committee noted, Lew’s bonus came just before a $301 billion government bailout of Citigroup. The bonus also came during a time of job losses and economic hardship for millions of Americans.

Dragonflyeye gets it.

Wait. How many requests does our government make for our Google data? – DragonFlyEye.Net: Google has released its latest Transparency Report for 2012 and the big story in most of the media is that 88% of the time, Google complies with government subpoenas. We’re all supposed to suck in our collective breath that Google would be so cavalier with our personal data …

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