European Union Outlaws Criticism Of Same

I think this is rather chilling, and the antithesis if civil liberties, free-speech, and consent of the governed. This is not good news.

Euro-court outlaws criticism of EU – Telegraph: THE European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that the European Union can lawfully suppress political criticism of its institutions and of leading figures, sweeping aside English Common Law and 50 years of European precedents on civil liberties.

The EU’s top court found that the European Commission was entitled to sack Bernard Connolly,¬†a British economist dismissed in 1995 for writing a critique of European monetary integration¬†entitled The Rotten Heart of Europe.

The ruling stated that the commission could restrict dissent in order to “protect the rights of others” and punish individuals who “damaged the institution’s image and reputation”. The case has wider implications for free speech that could extend to EU citizens who do not work for the Brussels bureaucracy.

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