The GOP & Sugar Tariffs

I know I hit the political left pretty hard on this blog for their rampant economic ignorance and indifference. But fear not, Democrats and leftists of every stripe are not alone. The GOP is often just as bad, at times worse. The item below being a classic example.

This is really disappointing.

A conservative case for sugar tariffs – The Daily Caller: Like most conservatives, I don’t like subsidies or government intervention in markets. But I do like U.S. sugar policy, which, according to some, runs counter to these core conservative ideals. America’s sugar policy has my support and the support of so many other conservatives because it’s the best line of defense we have against an OPEC-like market that threatens our food security and 142,000 U.S. jobs.

But fear not, Dr. Boudreaux is on the case.

Protecting Us from Monopoly by Protecting Privileged Producers from Competition: The world price of sugar today – the price charged by the alleged cartel from whom you wish to protect us – is, as it has been for some time, about half of the price of sugar in the U.S.  This fact reveals that the sugar producers with genuine OPEC-like monopoly power are not the ones that Uncle Sam must forcibly prevent us from patronizing (foreign growers), but, rather, American growers whose gluttonous special privileges are created by the very program that you seek to justify with your Orwellian sophistry.