Is “Ocean Acidification” The New Climate Change?

Remember when we had acid rainhoneybee colony collapse disorder, mulletsholes in the ozone layer, Alar, mutated frogs, restless leg syndrome, and more recently, climate change (née global warming)?

Well, lately I’ve been seeing references to “ocean acidification.” Seems popular.

Ocean acidification is killing sea life, and we are the culprits – If the prospect of coastal cities sinking into the sea 100 years from now does not motivate Americans to do something dramatic to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, there is something happening at this very moment that should be setting off sirens. Rising CO2 levels are making the oceans more acidic and that change in the chemistry of the seas is disrupting the food chain that ends with you and me.

Here’s what the term looks like in Google Trends:

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  • Michael Rizzo

    Chicken Little of the Sea …

    • speedmaster

      LOL, well-stated. ;-)