More Research: Fracking & Climate Change

Have you ever noticed that from the political left, it seems that we always need more research on fracking, it’s never enough? And at the same time, even the slightest whiff of a mention that we might need more research on climate change makes one a “denier,” anti-science, and perhaps a cretin?

To wit.

We Need to Do More Research on Baloney Sandwiches – The Unbroken Window: The green jobs literature and the “E”nvironmental movement have a canard littered throughout: “we can’t proceed full-speed ahead with ______ (insert detested new energy source here) because not enough research has been done on it.” Gas (via fracking) and nuclear would be most prominent. I see time and time again a supposed argument from “E”nviros that they are “not against” energy per se, or not against those technologies per se but rather that “there are too many unresolved safety, health and environmental issues.”