Another Reasoned Look At Buy-Local

This is a fine brief column. I wish everyone would read it, share it with a friend, then read it again. It’s excellent.

Each of the buy-local argument/fallacies is handled in turn.

Debunking the “Shop Small Saturday” Rationale : Foundation for Economic Education: As long as it’s peaceful, shop wherever you like. That includes buying local, “shopping small,” or buying materials to make your own gifts. But please: don’t feel guilty about holiday shopping at a big box. A lot of people are selling fallacious thinking. Events like “Shop Small Saturday” can be just another form of rent seeking.

  • Rick Born

    This is a great article and mirrors my sentiments exactly even though I don’t have the economic background to back it up. I do, however, believe in buying things manufactured here in the US but don’t mind if that made in USA is shipped by Amazon from California to here. One thing I tell people when they bash the big box stores as to not being local is that they employ a couple hundred local employees, that part of their money stays local regardless if the big box is head quartered in Atlanta