How Quickly Our Principles Are Lost …

How quickly our principles are lost once “our” guy is in office. I’ve been saying this for three years. Fantastic column, absolutely read the entire thing.

The Death of Principle – Bleeding Heart Libertarians: Four years ago, President Obama won the presidency while promising hope and change. Under George W. Bush, America seemed to stop being a country that respects freedom and the rule of law. Bush held suspected terrorists indefinitely without any hope of a trial, spied on American citizens, violated our rights under the Patriot Act, used torture liberally, and ran a secretive government. Americans voted for Obama hoping he would change all that. He didn’t, but many Americans decided they didn’t care, and re-elected him anyways. Why?

If you voted for Obama in 2012 I think you may have forfeited the right to honestly criticize future presidents on civil liberties and war issues.

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