America’s Latest Horror: Pumpkin Latte Shortages

While this recent WSJ article is entertaining, it’s also a little disturbing.

Halloween Horror Story: The Case of the Missing Pumpkin Lattes – For Asher Anidjar, the arrival of fall isn’t marked by turning leaves or a chilly breeze, but a steaming seasonal drink. Recently, though, when he headed to his local Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, he left with a bitter taste in his mouth. They were out of the special sauce that gives the treat its distinctive autumnal flavor.

The drink crops up on the Starbucks menu annually for a limited time, and this year there has been an unusual run on the pumpkin batch. Thanks in part to a frothy dose of buzz brewed up by the Seattle-based coffee giant before the beverage’s Sept. 4 debut, the craze has drained supplies at stores across the country.

Baristas are hitting the street, searching for stashes of the flavored sauce at other stores. Customers denied their fix—which costs about $4 for a small cup, or “tall” in Starbucks speak—are tweeting about their dismay.

Apparently, there has been a shortage of Starbucks’s Pumpkin Spice syrup, used for various pumpkin-flavored drinks. I’m a huge afn and look forward to it every year. But some of these people are handling the shortage well.

“‘I just left, depressed,’ said Mr. Anidjar, a 26-year-old commercial real-estate analyst who lives in Manhattan.”

Okay. (pic via Wiki)

“‘My world almost ended this morning when the local Starbucks told me they were out of Pumpkin Spice Latte,’ tweeted Jason Sizemore, 38 years old, of Lexington, Ky.”

Wow, it might be a time for a reality check.

A few thoughts on this tragedy:

  1. It’s unsettling that apparently educated people could have this kind of perspective when people around the world are suffering from true absolute poverty and hunger. I don’t mean what we often call poverty and hunger in this country. I hope/assume/pray that the above reactions from people are just some hyperbole for comic effect.
  2. A more positive way to look at this, we have reached a level of prosperity and affluence that allows us to bemoan a dearth of sweetened coffee syrup.
  3. It was entertaining that some people went to the trouble to write haiku about the problem. :-)

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