Now Not Even Solar Power Makes Them Happy

They already despise nuclear power and natural gas which are much cleaner than than oil and coal.

If I didn’t know better, it would be easy to believe that these people weren’t really “progressive” in any honest meaning of the term, and that they really want us to ultimately live like cavemen. (pic via Wiki)

Greens Against Green Energy – A couple of weeks ago we wondered if green lobbying groups would object to new Department of Interior rules to streamline environmental approval for solar energy projects on hundreds of thousands of acres of federal land. (“The Solar-Painted Desert,” Aug. 13, 2012.) Well, here we go. Three environmental groups—Western Lands Project, Basin and Range Watch, and Solar Done Right—have filed a formal complaint of the kind that often presages a lawsuit.

The letter complains that “no scientific evidence has been presented to support the claim that these projects reduce greenhouse emissions.” And “the opposite may be true. Recent work at the Center for Conservation Biology University of California, Riverside, suggests that soil disturbance from large-scale solar development may disrupt Pleistocene-era caliche deposits that release carbon to the atmosphere when exposed to the elements, thus ‘negat[ing] the solar development C [carbon] gains.'”

So solar energy, like corn ethanol, really doesn’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Now they tell us.

And there’s more, says the letter: The environmental impact from these solar panels “are long-term (decades to centuries)” and they threaten the habitat of “endangered species, including the desert tortoise, Mojave fringe-toed lizard, flat-tailed horned lizard, golden eagle and desert bighorn.”