FPGeeks On The History of The Lamy 2000

This is a fantastic read for those of us who enjoy fountain pens and/or design.

Lamy 2000 and the Origins of “Lamy Design”, Part 1: Lamy 2000 is one of the most recommended pens to new fountain pen users, in part because it is fairly common and relatively inexpensive; because it combines refined design sensibilities, an advanced piston mechanism for taking in and putting out ink, and a gold nib; and because the Lamy firm stands behind their product with an excellent guarantee. Yet, for all the praise it receives, Lamy 2000 is also a divisive pen. It is disparaged for its temperamental nib, its monochrome color scheme, and minute details of its design. This cannot and should not be ignored.

Lamy 2000 and the Origins of “Lamy Design”, Part 2: From Bauhaus to Ulm and Braun to Lamy, the “form follows function” and “simplicity in design” values were brought to bear on the object itself, but they are just as important in the construction and production process by which the objects are created. Lamy is in the business of producing fine writing instruments, and in order to do so, they employ production techniques that maximize profit.

Lamy 2000 and the Origins of Lamy Design, Part 3: The front section comprises the outer housing grip section, the breather hole, the nib, the ink feed, an o-ring, and a metal cap clutch ring. This is where the action occurs: ink is drawn in through the breather hole on the underside of the section. It passes through the feed past a small “neck” and into the piston chamber. Emptying the pen reverses the process. The front section is also the place where trouble is most likely to occur in a Lamy 2000 fountain pen.

Lamy 2000 and the Origins of Lamy Design, Part 4: One of the things that is so nice about the Lamy 2000 is its ability to be completely field stripped without the use of tools (unless you want to take apart the cap, in which case you’ll need to make use of a slender dowel). Let’s jump right in to written and visual instructions for complete disassembly.