Let’s Talk Outsourcing, It’s ALL Outsourced …

First, do read the linked column, it’s brief and worth the time.

A few thoughts on this hand-wringing over so-called outsourcing.

1. Employees do not “own” jobs. There are no “American” jobs. The statement is absurd.

2. Why don’t countries cheer when there’s a blockade or embargo?

3. Creative destruction is a force of progress and should not be thwarted to protect the few at the expense of the many.

4. This anti-outsourcing/ buy-American sentiment is really just another flavor of buy-local, which I think we have debunked here many times.

Further, in a way, everything is outsourced. Think of an average corporation with all of its overt operations within the United States. The stockholders don’t manage the company themselves directly. They outsource that function to a board of directors. And the board of directors doesn’t manage the day-to-day operations, they outsource that to a management team. And none of these actors make the parts on the assembly line, write the software code, or design new iPhones themselves. They outsource those jobs to individuals, wherever they might live. I argue that unless you are solely and truly self-sufficient, pretty much everything is outsourced.

Anyway, enjoy the column, it’s enlightening.

Outsourcing Is Bad? – The Freeman: But what about the workers? The media focus on the horrid “shipping American jobs overseas” aspect of outsourcing. Even if they acknowledge the gains for consumers (lower prices) and shareholders (higher business profits), many commentators will complain these are offset by the losses to American workers.

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