But What If The Farrier Is On Vacation?

It would be work to make-up a story like this. Detroit continues to amaze.

My friend Earl makes a good point. He asks why they don’t have two farriers on staff? What happens when the first guy is on vacation? (pic via Wiki)

Part of me hopes this story is bogus. Part of me hopes it’s true and acts as legendary evidence of the problems with government and public-sector unions.

I wonder if they have any wheelwrights, coopers, or cordwainers on staff?

No Horses, But Detroit Water Department Employs ‘Horseshoer’: Despite having no horses, the water and sewerage department for the city of Detroit employs a horseshoer. Yet even with a department so bloated that it has a horseshoer and no horses, the local union president said it is “not possible” to eliminate positions. Union rules have turned the department into a government jobs program, some critics say.