Boudreaux Makes Two Points Re: Social Security

Two points on Social Security. A wonder and brief letter.

While the first point is of course a slam-dunk, I really like the second. It’s far too often ignored, imho.

Congress’s Untrustworthy Sticky Fingers and Social Security: Second, while Congress’s fingers are indeed sticky, the objectionable use of those fingers lies less in how Congress spends Social Security tax revenues than in its forcing workers to pay Social Security taxes to begin with – that is, forcing workers to ‘contribute’ dollar amounts to a government-run pension scheme that workers would not ‘contribute’ if Congress kept its sticky fingers to itself. If a thief steals your money and promises to use it to buy you a coat, your anger remains properly focused on the theft of your money and not on the thief’s change of plans to use your money instead to buy a negligee for his girlfriend.

And I found this old item:

Social Security is worse than a Ponzi scheme. In a Ponzi scheme you can at least opt-out. With SS you have a gun to your head.

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