A Few On Olympic Unis, Trade, and Buy-Local

Including some info on the recent flap over allegedly Chinese-made Olympic uniforms.

This BLH piece may be the best two-pages you read today.

Locavores, Droughts, and Famines (and the Market) – Bleeding Heart Libertarians: Despite our current economic woes, we have almost vanquished famine. Most of us living longer, healthier, safer, and more enjoyable lives than previous generations. It seems incumbent upon us to put forward some constructive proposals to improve the global food supply chain rather than turn back the clock to some imagined era of pastoral bliss that most people escaped from when given the opportunity…. It is my hope that “Buy Local” will soon be replaced by the more desirable slogan “Buy Global – The Planet is Our Garden.”


What Politicians Don’t Know About Outsourcing – Reason.com: A company that successfully outsources saves jobs — since a company that goes bust employs no one. If Bain had barred corporations from shifting factories when it made sense to do so, it would have been guilty of economic malfeasance. Outsourcing, contrary to myth, has not led to the collapse of American manufacturing. In fact, U.S. industrial production has risen by nearly 50 percent in the past 15 years. The reason manufacturing employment has declined is that workers have gotten more productive — meaning it takes less labor to make more goods.

Slam and dunk. But seriously, this is a must-read.

Made Everywhere – The Freeman: This is just another way of saying that the case for free trade is conceded the moment someone eschews self-sufficiency. After that, we’re just haggling over the size of the trade area. But if free trade (read: division of labor) is good, then the bigger the free-trade area the better. Globalization should be the worldwide removal of all barriers to the exchange of goods and services — rather than trade managed through state capitalism and multinational bureaucracies. Unilateral, unconditional free trade is the smartest policy.

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