Your Right To Learn To Read In Michigan

I have a few thoughts on this. In no specific order …

1. This shouldn’t be a shock, this is what happens when we give government a near monopoly on something, and make it worse by running for the benefit of unions instead of customers (parents, students).

2. I believe that every human has a God-given “right to learn to read.”

3. But I think it’s a non-sequitur to get to the conclusion that #2 above makes it the government’s responsibility to make sure you learn to read. And let’s be clear here. What we’re really talking about is forcing one’s neighbors to pay to get you to learn to read.

4. Even if the school did a horrible job, you still have a right to learn to read, no one has taken that from you.

5. The number of students who leave high schools in this country without getting a diploma is disgraceful. Though simply showing up on occasion might help.

6. The number of students who leave with a diploma who are still functionally illiterate and barely employable may be even more disgraceful.

ACLU alleges Michigan school district violated students’ ‘right to learn to read’ – The Washington Post: In the first case of its kind, the American Civil Liberties Union is charging that the state of Michigan and a Detroit area school district have failed to adequately educate children, violating their “right to learn to read” under an obscure state law. The ACLU class-action lawsuit, to be filed Thursday, says hundreds of students in the Highland Park School District are functionally illiterate.

“None of those adults charged with the care of these children . . . have done their jobs,” said Kary L. Moss, executive director of the ACLU of Michigan. “The Highland Park School District is among the lowest-performing districts in the nation, graduating class after class of children who are not literate. Our lawsuit . . . says that if education is to mean anything, it means that children have a right to learn to read.”

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  • Seth

    Another good example of our society’s blame disorder. The ACLU should sue the students for taking a $150,000 education from their neighbors with nothing to show for it.

  • Michael Marotta

    About a thousand years ago on the Ed Sullivan Show, one socially active comedian quipped: “You want to get children into church? Put tanks outside and order them to stay away.” Might work with schools.