Is Eating Garbage Progress?

I would be willing to bet that these folks consider themselves “progressives.” Though I find eating garbage to be the antithesis of any kind of progress.

Spaniards dish up tasty garbage to fight waste – Yahoo! News Canada: On a warm summer’s evening in a Madrid park about 30 diners enjoy an open-air meal of sauteed vegetables and mixed salad — all fresh from the waste bin.

It’s junk food, quite literally.

To fight waste, this group of environmentalists occasionally gathers for a “junk food” dining experience, open to the whole neighbourhood.

The previous evening, dragging their shopping carts, they ferreted through the waste bins of food shops on the hunt for discarded ingredients that are still good to eat.

After a fruitless first hour, they finally hit pay dirt in a rubbish container outside a fruit and vegetable store.