They’re (Apple) Employees, Not Investors

Are Apple employees “underpaid?”

While there’s no hard-and-fast rule to determine the answer, we can get a good approximation of the answer, do they (Apple) get more job applications than people quitting in a given month?

And here’s another relevant point … employees are not the same as investors or shareholders.

Could the NYT charge a bit less for print and online access? I’m sure they can. Why don’t they?

NYT profiles Apple’s retail stores, says employees are ‘short on pay’: As part of its “iEconomy” stories profiling Apple, The New York Times has taken a closer look at the company’s retail stores, stating that retail employees have “enjoyed little” of the company’s great financial success.

Noting that about 30,000 of Apple’s 43,000 employees in the U.S. work at the company’s retail stores, the story published this weekend said many of Apple’s retail workers earn about $25,000 per year, which it said is “average pay” according to “the standards of retailing.” Apple’s pay is well above the minimum wage of $7.25 that the Gap offers, but is also slightly less than yoga and athletic apparel chain Lululemon.

“But Apple is not selling polo shirts or yoga paints,” author David Segal wrote. “Divide revenue by total number of employees and you find that last year, each Apple store employee — that includes non-sales staff like technicians and people stocking shelves — brought in $473,000.”

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