Union Thuggery In Rochester, NY

This is a must-read. Unions are little more than protectionist shake-down rackets run by thugs and bullies. Read the tale to see who did what. Rather eye-opening.

The cornerstone of trade unionism is compulsory membership.
— Ludwig von Mises

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So You Want To Do Business in New York? – Sticky Lips Pit BBQ: I’d like to share the story of my recent challenges with the New York State Labor Department.

For my second Sticky Lips BBQ restaurant, I purchased a building that was the old Road House Grill on Jefferson Road.  This is situated on property that is controlled by the Genesee Valley Regional Market Authority, which is a New York State Authority.  I own the building but lease the land from the Authority.

It took me a year and a half to build the new Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint, and it is a real showpiece.  That took everything mentally, physically, and monetarily that I had.  I did not use any state, local, or federal money to build it. Halfway through the project, I received a visit from the carpenters union, who was looking for work.

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