Markets In Everything: A Zombie Mall Experience

This makes all those fantasy baseball camp events look lame. For those in the Rochester area, the former Irondequoit Mall / Medley Centre.

I’d do this in a heartbeat. Even Simon Pegg wants to get in on the action!

These two participants seem to be enjoying themselves. (pic via

Zombie Mall Experience – Gear Patrol: Like you, we’ve watched the brain-eating zombie apocalypse theme get played out — zombie movies, zombie television programs, zombie costumes, books about zombies (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is only slightly less tiresome than Austen’s original). However, Wish brings a fresh take on the meme with the Zombie Mall Experience, thrusting you from mindless observer to full-fledged participant. Set in an abandoned shopping mall 25 miles outside London, you will hunt a zombie horde (how many are in a horde, exactly?) with airsoft weapons while they shuffle after you, intent on eating your tender flesh. Set in the Reading Shopping Centre, you and your fellow dystopic survivors battle the undead masses over the course of three hours for roughly $225.

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  • Michael E. Marotta

    Cool!  A few years ago, I had the opportunity to write about TRUE DUNGEONS, a live action role playing game.  (That was for The Numismatist because the game involves coins, tokens standing for weapons, armor, scrolls, potions, etc.).  Many other LARPs exist.  For years, I was a tax-paying “citizen” of Nova Roma (again with the coins) which held a fair in Maine in the summer.  In a sense, these are all spin offs of the famous Renaissance Fairs and Society for Creatie Anachronisms.  I suppose Civil War Reenactments fit in there as well.

    In any case, a market for Zombies. What would Mises say?  (Or Keynes: can the living dead have animal spirits?)

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