Horwitz on Corporations and Taxes

N.B. I am NOT a Romney supporter or fan, and most certainly not a voter.

I’m fascinated by the apoplectic fits that leftists get themselves into over the mere mention of corporations. The always good Prof. Steven Horwitz makes a fantastic point below.

Yes, corporations are people – The Daily Caller: Corporations are composed of people. So are unions. So are universities. So are families. The belief that we can somehow “tax corporations” without “taxing people” is the fallacy at the heart of Romney’s exchange. It’s the same with any collective: If we take away union rights, we take away the rights of individual union members. If we strip a university’s accreditation, we also strip credibility from its students and its graduates.

Lots more below on the debate over corporations.

“… if you hear somebody claim that the solution to raising more government revenue is to tax corporations rather than people, you can dismiss him as an ignoramus.”
Kurt Schuler (bio)

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