Kennedy on “Attachment Parenting”

Remember the old VJ ‘Kennedy’ from MTV in the 90s? She’s back, and she’s all kinds of awesome. This is a legendary rant from her. Definitely read the entire thing. The 2nd related link at the bottom of the post is a fun interview with her, on her libertarian evolution.

Why I Mock “Attachment Parenting” and the Kids It Produces – It’s called “attachment parenting,” and although it’s being sold to the most fragile and naive group of people on the planet—new parents—it’s really the same old horseshit Marx and Engels apologists tried to shovel back into the horse when communism fell. Attachment parenting follows a list of approved classics: The Connected Child, Attachment Parenting, Whatever Happened To Mother, and so on. But don’t be fooled. They want to elevate the collective over the individual. They hate the idea that competition or market selection might allow the cream to rise. Their philosophy is simple: From the parents’ ability to the child’s needs.

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