Student Loan Forgiveness Might Be The Worst Idea Ever

I wrote about this a few weeks ago.

Justin Wolfers of Freakonomics takes a look, the post is brief and excellent.

Freakonomics – Forgive Student Loans? Worst Idea Ever.: This is a bunch of kids who don’t want to pay their loans back. And worse: Do this once, and what will happen in the next recession? More lobbying for free money, rather than doing something socially constructive.  Moreover, if these guys succeed, others will try, too. And we’ll just get more spending in the least socially productive part of our economy—the lobbying industry.

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  • Zyxwvutsr

    “And I bet that the proponents can’t find a single economist to support this idiotic idea.”

    What, they haven’t asked Paul Krugman yet?

    • speedmaster

       >> “What, they haven’t asked Paul Krugman yet?”

      Zyxwvutsr, you absolutely read my mind.  ;-)

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