Is Apple’s iCloud The Cause Of All These Tornadoes?

I’m starting to wonder.

UPDATE: Greenpeace’s math is wrong, according to Apple

Why Are There So Many Tornadoes This Year?: The US is the most tornado-friendly landmass on Earth. We’ve got just the right mix of moisture, instability, lift, and wind shear to provoke more than 1,000 of the dangerous storms annually. This year we’re off to a banner start: Since January there have been 20 killer twisters responsible for 63 tornado-related deaths. And just this last weekend there were reports of more than 100 of the swirling storms in the Midwest and Plains. End of times? Global warming? What the hell is going on?!


Cult of Mac – Greenpeace: The iCloud Is One Of the Dirtiest Things On The Internet: Apple has been increasingly interested in powering its operations with that happy old sun, working on a 20-megawatt solar farm coupled with a 5-megawatt fuel cell facility at its data supercenter in Maiden, North Carolina. But that’s not nearly good enough, according to Greenpeace. In fact, the environmental activist group has gone so far as to call Apple out for using “asthma-inducing, climate-destroying coal” which makes the iCloud “the dirtiest thing on the internet.” What’s the problem? According to Greenpeace, the Maiden, North Carolina green energy facilities cover only 10% of the data supercenter’s power needs. The rest of that 90% comes from the local power grid, which is one of the dirties in the country, and uses mostly coal power:

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