Regulations Add Insult To Injury In Arlington – Food Truck Edition

This is disgraceful. Permits, govt. licenses, etc., let’s get rid of them.

If you find yourself in beautiful Rochester, NY, be sure to check out Sammich!, if you can find him. (pic via Sammich!  in ROC)

Food Truck Operator Frustrated When Turned Away from Tornado Victims – Mobile Cuisine : ARLINGTON, TX – There’s frustration among some Good Samaritans who showed up to help tornado victims in Arlington, only to be turned away, because they didn’t have access permits. Scott Wooley is one of them; he runs the So-Cal Tacos mobile food truck and tried delivering donations and serving free tacos to storm survivors and first responders Wednesday afternoon. However, he and his crew were stopped at a command post and told they needed an access permit. “The likelihood of a taco truck rolling into that neighborhood and doing harm to those folks, or doing something malicious [is] zero,” Wooley said Thursday.

You can even get Hipster food truck cupcakes in Portland.

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