Chevy Volt – On Hiatus, But Still European Car of the Year?!

This is some ugly business.

So GM Suspends Chevy Volt Production After Poor Sales, yet at the same time the Volt is named European Car of the Year. Notice the disconnect? A car that only lefties, politicians, and those at the political feeding trough want, not actual consumers or drivers.

Nice analysis. (cartoon via Mark J. Perry)

The Volt Sleeps With The Fishes – Eric Peters Autos: The Volt’s sticker price is in BMW 3 Series/Lexus GS land. Do people who purchase $40k cars have to worry much about $4 gas? Apparently this thought did not occur to the people at GM responsible for the Volt. Even with a $7k direct federal subsidy to each buyer (more on the indirect subsidies below) a new Volt still costs what we call in the car business “entry luxury” money. Easily two (even three) times the amount that would buy you any one of several very appealing compact sedans, several of which get 40 MPG on the highway. So, drum roll, people looking for something economical did not look at the Volt. Who did? CEO Dan Akerson conceded that the average income of a Volt buyer is $170,000 annually – not exactly hard times.

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