Markets In Everything: Macabre Walking Tours

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Victims’ Families Upset About Groupon-Promoted Dahmer Tour – NBC Chicago: A marketing group in Wisconsin wants to give walking tours of the bar where serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer met and hung out with some of his victims.

But when victims’ families and others found out about the tours this week through a Groupon promotion for a cut-rate tour, they started calling for the tour, which they described as insensitive and in poor taste, to end.

Bam Marketing and Media spokeswoman Amanda Morden said Thursday the company is not deterred and the first two tours are Saturday in Milwaukee and have nearly reached the 20-person capacity for each. That upsets neighborhood group president Victor Ray, who says it’s too soon for a tour since the crimes are just 2 decades old and many family members of Dahmer’s victims are still around.